Free Piano Sheet Music in the New Age Style

So, you're looking for free piano sheet music. But not just any kind. You want New Age piano sheet music. But it's sadly lacking in both online and offline locations. Until now. You see, I love New Age piano music. Spent most of my adult life creating and playing it.

And to tell you the truth, I'm disappointed in the complete lack of resources for this genre. The classical music world has literally millions of pieces of sheet music. And jazz? You can find thousands of lead sheets, written sheets, and complete pieces for piano available. And New Age? Forget about it.

Of course there is sheet music for New Age piano. Hal Leonard has some as do other music publishers. But it was mostly published back in the 1980's when New Age piano hit it's peak of popularity. Where can you find the new stuff? Unfortunately, there is not much being produced.

My search of the internet revealed a few artists who create New Age piano sheet music but most of them charge for it. Nothing wrong with that. They're trying to make money doing what they love and they should get paid. But what about the beginning pianist who loves New Age piano music and just wants to play a few beginners pieces? Where should they go?

You can the find Now <br> free piano sheet music in the New the Age style . I've created a blog where I'll post fresh sheet music regularly. And best of all … it's free! Why am I doing this? Because I love the genre and I want more people to get interested in it. I know many of you enjoy this style of music but are a little ashamed to say you like New Age piano. I understand. No one I know likes the term "new age" but we're stuck with it. At least it lets us know the kind of music we're playing.