Free Standing Electric Cookers – More Information

Free standing electric cookers or ranges these days have a multitude of options and features that differentiate a family of models across a nearly one thousand dollar price point. How can there be so many variations in something as straightforward as a free standing electric cooker or range? Well the devil is in the details and over the years those details have improved tremendously. The older cookers are still being manufactured that have those old drop-in electric coil ranges. You will pay a premium for freestanding ranges though and with them a bevy of features fit for a commercial kitchen.

There is usually no difference between electric and gas cookers and also of great importance is the type of oven that is packaged with the electric cooker. Some manufactures manage to cram an oven and a smaller toaster into the space of one conventional sized oven. Ultimately it may be simply aesthetics that govern the utility of a free standing electric cooker. Some models come very small and streamlined, perfect for small rental units for example, while some are larger and better suited for a family kitchen.

There are as many varieties of electric cookers as there are styles but the most costly of all features is the slide-in range which is now very popular. Instead of the classic singular drop-in ranges there is now a series of cast-iron grates perfect for grilling and also flexibility when cooking with pans. Previously you were limited to just the four hot spots but the grate allows the heat to be distributed over a wider surface. This makes it more practical and easier to clean. Another note is that it has become very in vogue recently to have stainless steel offerings, just a warning that this will tack on a couple extra hundred to that free standing electric cooker.