French Country Architecture

Stone floors and walls, ceiling beams of distressed raw wood and timbers, irregular walls of plaster, make up the frame work of a French Country home.

The ambiance of reproductions or new rustic furniture is made up of hand carved adornments, raw wood and curved panels. A room with out an armoire to store clothing, pots and pans, tableware, bedding or bath linens could not be considered a room done in the French Country style. A low sheen or dull waxed finish would be found on a large dinning table whether it is round or rectangle. Occasional or dining chairs would be graced with carved and curved fine points. Chairs would most likely have rush seats and have vertical slats or be ladder-back. Flooring would be rustic and be made up of clay stone or brick and occasionally old wooden planks. This is what gives it the old world charm.

Contrasting color and texture make up the pieces of a typical French Country home interior. Provencal colorful printed fabrics are contrasted against natural seating in light tones. Narrow tall windows are held in place by deeply cut sills. The hot summer sun is kept out by the closing of tastefully painted shutters. Vines growing wildly encircle the doorways and windows. The French countryside, with its beautiful colors inspires the fabrics used in the French country style. Basic stripes, plaids and checks combine well to make up the traditional fabrics found in the modern French home. Vivid orange, greens and lavender combine in the Provencal prints.

The motifs of the traditional French home are comprised of products that would include olives, roosters, grapes, sunflowers, beetles, and lavender. Often the designs are positioned at regular intervals, the design of the borders are wide and in different scale. This is very typical in the textile products, such as curtains and table linens. French Country fabrics are traditionally toile. Single colors such as red, green, black or blue contrast against larger motifs, such as yellow, cream or white which complete the traditional toile fabric. Farm animals, Chinese patterns, and monkeys are some of the themes you’ll find in toile. Toile patterns are typically printed on cotton or linen.

Substantial wire or woven baskets, vibrant tiles and ceramics carved pieces of wood, Chinese pottery, and natural plant like grasses are used to accessorize rooms done in the style of French Country. The walls are adorned in old paintings that are colorful or dark.

Verdant flowers can be found every. Flowers are held in old pitchers, copper pots, baskets, or vases made of clear glass, these are used inside and out. The intent is to bring in the striking textures and colors of the French countryside into the home. The vibrant colors of what ever will grow fill the outside widow boxes. The most popular are lavender and geraniums.

Both muted and colorful pottery decorates the French country table. The tableware is adorned with the usual themes of olives, roosters, and vibrant flowers. Wire baskets, iron candle holders, heavy water pitchers made of pottery and lively table linens are wonderful touches that one should not overlook. Your home is bound to have a magnificent French Country interior and ambiance if you incorporate all, or just a few of the elements revealed in this article.