French Country Style Decor

You don’t have to be an interior designer or French expert to create the French country style to your home. Even if you haven’t visited rural France you can still get the look by doing a bit of research.

It need not cost a fortune either because you can recycle old pieces of furniture to create that French feel. Or you can find some antique pieces and paint or upholstery to get the look at half the price. Stencils are a big French country look and you can buy them or make your own. French country style decorating is based on the casual, yet elegant feeling of the French countryside. The mood that it creates is cosy, warm and rustic. Most of the colours are inspired by natural surroundings including bright yellows, lavender, cobalt blues, gold’s, greens, beige, brown and deep reds.

With a rustic appeal and old-world comfort the French country still is easy to replicate. To emulate the French country look you might find in a cottage in rural France you should have a combination of natural stone floors, rooster motifs, carved wood furniture, wrought iron furnishings, plastered-surface walls painted or washed in butter-yellow paint. A primitive farm table would look good with a Provencal tablecloth. Crockery should be bright and match your overall colour scheme.

You can accessorize your home with baskets, crockery, linen, copper pots and much more. Fabrics come in all kinds of country style colours. Stripes and checks are popular as are the plainer type of designs. You can get lovely flowered fabrics with small prints or larger. Sunflowers are a popular design.

The way you dress your windows will also have a large effect of the whole country style home decor look. I would recommend Provencal fabrics and colours rather than heavy contemporary fabrics.

You can finish off your look with fresh flowers, which is an essential part of the country living feel. They can be fresh, dried or silk; you will get the same effect. Obviously fresh flowers will give off a lovely fragrant.

With a bit of creativity and imagination you should easily be able to pull off a great new French country look that you can be proud of!