French Doors

French patio doors are available in many styles, colors and materials. A French door, is sometimes also referred as French window. It is a door which has multiple windows set into it along the full length of the door. The main purpose of this structure is to allow maximum light inside the rooms.

Traditional French doors are put together from distinct and unique small pieces of glass and mullions. Special variety of French doors that are constructed of double-pane glass sometimes has grills and designs as decorations embedded between the panes. The decorative grills especially in wrought iron are sometimes found to be placed on top of single pane of glass in the door.

Now French doors can be custom made according to personal taste using different ideas and fusion of wood, wrought iron, or more specifically from maple wood to cherry stain or fiberglass; using glass walls, exactly as per the demand of the customer.

French door can be chosen for the main entry door constructed in solid wood and fiberglass. It can also be chosen to bring in the beauty and sunshine of the outside inside the room. If you have a beautiful view of children’s park or a swimming pool outside; install a glass French door and admire it whenever you want. If you want to enjoy the sun but avoid the chilly wind outside, or you want to brighten up your home with beams of sunlight; French door is the right option for you. Use you imagination the possibilities are endless.

The immense popularity of the French Doors is due to its flexibility and design and the available options for min ‘n’ match. There are several varieties of French Doors. It can be a monolithic solid door or have one side stationary and the other side swing in and out. It can also have both sides sliding in glass French doors or may be one side fixed and the other side sliding, or a folding French door [].

No matter how you want your French Door to be and in whatever choice in materials, you will find that most doors are well insulated and assembled to make it comfortable in their use.