Fridges – The Advertising Medium of the Future

Fridge magnets are a wonderful concept.

Let us look at the basics:

1. Everywhere humans congregate, be it work, play or home, there is a fridge.

2. Most fridges have a large, metallic, flat and uncluttered fascia

3. Most advertisers are looking for ways in which to get their message / products or logo into peoples faces

4. Many kettles take ages to boil.

So it takes little genius to work out that we, here in every kitchen in the nation have an advertiser's dream: captive audience and free advertising space.

It would also surprise many people to know just how cheaply Promotional Fridge Magnets can be purchased. I did a little research online and found a huge selection at Argonpromo, a UK based supplier of all manners of promotional goods. For example you can order A3 Magnetic Memoboards with a full color print on it for around two pounds per board, these would not only be useful for advertising material but would also be well informed gifts for the recipients. The online collection includes branded word game fridge magnets, calendar fridge magnets, indeed all manner of bespoke and fully branded fridge magnets are available as promotional gifts on the website. It offers a quotation service as, typically the more you buy the cheaper they are.

So, are our margins going to become the next advertising medium? I think so. It can only be a matter of time until the advertisers pay the fridge manufacturers to embed small screens on their frontage … In the mean time fridge magnets are both entertaining, decorative and disposable