From Coffee to Tea

You need to switch, as does everyone else, from coffee to tea. However, you need to also let tea replace alcohol and tobacco for you. In fact, the only drugs you should take in addition to tea are those prescribed by a professional.

Coffee is strongly addictive with its highs and subsequent free-falls in energy. It even causes an immediate spike and crash in blood sugar that makes its drinker want more caffeine within just minutes of having some.

Tobacco is a stimulant in moderation not unlike coffee that has its caffeine. However, as soon as you cross the threshold with tobacco by having a little too much, it offers escape since it becomes a mild pain killer. It's so useful for little more than promoting itself to you in addiction.

Alcohol is well-known as a depressant. But it does seem to excite people who drink it, especially in smaller amounts, since it lowers their inhibitions and they feel liberated with their behavior for a while. There's no freedom in its powerful addictive grip, though.

I must confess here that tea is technically also going to be addictive. Neverheless, there's a big difference between tea and its competition. Tea is the only good and healthy habit among them.

Coffee is the bane of the stress junky. It does give an exhilarating shot of adrenaline but it jacks up levels of undesired chemicals in the system too, like cortisol the stress hormone. Decades of that can take years off your life.

Tobacco and alcohol cause major diseases including cancer and heart disease. They sorely ruin many lives and end them too soon. Tea prevails cancer and heart disease and has prolonged the lives of millions of people.

So make the switch from coffee to tea, and give up the smoking and drinking of alcohol while you're at it. Tea can replace all those. It's a lot easier to get healthy in spirit and mind when your body is not sick anymore.