From Fat Cheeks to Lean Cheeks

Most of us had had chubby cheeks at one point in our lives, especially when we were still kids. Some were able to deflate their plump cheeks as they grew up, but a lot just find it an issue that persists. As a kid your round cheeks must have made you look cute and even angelic to grown-ups. But as an adult you may have been taunted due to them.

You do not have to go for surgical face fat reduction or facial liposuction to have fat taken out of your cheeks.

Life-threatening risks aren’t worth going through just to look good. Seriously, why go through all the pain and dangers when something much cheaper and safer can bring better results? Besides even with the surgery cheek fat will just keep coming back if you don’t take care of their underlying causes.

Don’t go on a hunger strike to get rid of face fat. A well-chiseled face is what you’re after, not one that has been carved in the wrong places. You want to look attractive, not scary. It’s face fat that you want to lose and not facial muscles. And this can only be done by flexing your buccinators.

Facial exercises will help you lose fat cheeks in a short period of time. If you eat the healthiest foods as you do them you will see results in one month or less.

The best foods to eat are fresh and raw fruits and vegetables for your face and body. Make it a point to consume at least ten servings of these nourishing foods each day.

Nutrients such as vitamin C and amino acids are needed to build new skin and muscle tissue. Get these nutrients from greens, citrus fruits, bell peppers and raw nuts and seeds.

You also have to de-stress and get enough sleep to lose face fat. Experts say that the best time to sleep is before 11 in the evening.

There you have it. A simple, healthy and powerful face fat loss program that will obviate the need for surgery. Try it and you will end up a believer!