Front and Rear Suspension

Other than oil changes and regular maintenance, a very important component of the life of a vehicle lies in the health of the front and rear suspension. It is easy to forget about these parts of the vehicle, but it can be seriously detrimental and cost quite a bit for auto repair. When the steering wheel is turned, the front suspension pivots on the suspension strut bearing at the top of the suspension and on the ball joint at the bottom of the suspension. The most common style of strut is a larger shock absorber that contains an integral coil spring as part of its assembly. Since front wheel drive vehicles will have many components in a small space, the strut was designed to help with space limitation and reduce the overall weight of the components. The strut eliminates the need for an upper control arm by acting as the connection between the steering knuckle and the upper body of the car.

The front suspension strut serves as the shock absorber in many vehicles today. They move to compensate as a vehicle is driven over rough or uneven road surfaces. A vehicle with strut-style suspension has a suspension strut assembly at each wheel, which needs to be replaced if the strut leaks oil or no longer has a dampening effect. The rear suspension also works to absorb shock at the rear of the vehicle.

Some struts contain electronic components that automatically adjust the suspension dampening as needed. Others incorporate an air bladder to create air struts, which are used for a more enhanced ride with additional load carrying capabilities. These struts sometimes have an external air bag bladder that replaces the coil spring. When replacing the suspension strut bearing, the wheel is removed. The front suspension assembly is removed from the vehicle and disassembled. Then the suspension needs to be reassembled and installed. The vehicle’s stability relies on both suspension struts replacements’ at the same time to prevent inconsistencies with suspension and ensure efficiency.

Struts are simple, compact, and easily serviced with regular routine maintenance. Without maintaining the suspension of a vehicle, a visit to the auto mechanic will be unavoidable. The vehicle won’t be able to absorb shock and will make your ride bumpy and uncomfortable, and could lead to a serious accident. Taking care of the car ensures that you are taken care of as well.