Frontal Baldness Treatment

Frontal baldness is a type of baldness that commonly occurs in men. This type of baldness happens when the hair begins to fall out of the front of the scalp, near the forehead.

Frontal baldness is also called a receding hairline. This phrase was coined because the hair loss appeared as though the hair was sliding off towards the back of the head.

Sometimes frontal baldness in men starts on both sides of the forehead, rather than in the center of the scalp. In these cases, the hairline gradually recedes back further and further, usually reaching the crown of the head.

Thankfully, there are several treatments that can be used for frontal balding. Some of these treatments are prescription strength, while others can be found over the counter in your local pharmacy.

Propecia is one of the most common frontal baldness treatments. Many doctors prescribe it to help slow down the loss of hair in patients who have frontal baldness. Propecia comes in the form of a pill and is generally prescribed as a once-daily tablet to be taken with food or water.

Such treatments, like Propecia, have a fairly decent success rate. If your doctor diagnoses your frontal baldness problem early in the game, the Propecia can be extremely helpful in slowing down your hair loss before it gets too bad. Even more exciting is the fact that Propecia might even help new hair to re-grow where the old hair has already fallen out.

The biggest problem with frontal baldness treatments is that people expect a quick turnaround on their condition. This is not a reasonable expectation, though. Once you begin any type of frontal baldness treatment, you should expect to remain committed to that treatment. You should also expect to put in much time and effort before you will begin to see any results.