Frontal Hair Transplants – The Art of Getting the Perfect Hairline

So you do not want to look like Homer Simpson, and you miss the old days when you have hair falling in front of your face, unlike now that your hairline has receded. And you really, really would rather not have a hairpiece or a toupee, since everybody can spot those, or if not, sooner or later they will know you are wearing one and that is just embarrassing. The good thing is that now you have an alternative – one that looks and feels just like the real thing, the way it used to be.

Frontal hair transplants have been a problem for most because it looked unnatural to suddenly have hair sprouting at the faint line demarcating your forehead and scalp. But since the arrival of micrografts, it has been possible to mimic and restore natural hair patterns. It is because micrografts are smaller transplant units that have only one to four hair follicles, recreating that natural hair growth. These micrografts are made with your own hair, and are designed to be plant on your scalp to grow on their own. The effect is that they will overpower the parts that no longer grow hair so that you can have natural hair once again.

Be wary of getting frontal hair transplants, and be sure to get a surgeon who is not only a specialist but also has an eye for detail and aesthetic sense since recreating the hairline is a delicate matter. Your hairline is a part of your face, and as such lends character to your expressions. You do not want a hairline that looks unnatural that people are unable to look at you, would you?