Frontal Lobe Damage Can Cause Seizures

One of the more tragic accidents that can happen to a person is when the brain is hit. There is no known cure for damage to the frontal lobe. The extent of the damage cannot be detected too. How the brain functions is in fact a mystery to us all. It is actually a good thing that our brain is protected by a skull. Can you just imagine the extent of the damage to us all if there isn’t any skull to protect the brain? We might not live for very long. However, even with the skull to protect it, accidents happen and some of these accidents may cause frontal lobe damage. One of the sure signs that there is damage is the occurrence of seizures.

If you see a person having seizures, bring that person to a doctor immediately. Signs that a seizure is happening are the following: disorientation to surroundings, prolonged staring, disorientation of movements such as repeated mouth movements, smacking. Those who have it usually do not remember that a seizure has just occurred. That is why it is best to bring the one who actually witnessed the seizure together with the patient to the doctor.

Usually, anti-seizure medications are used to gain temporary relief from seizures caused by frontal lobe damage. These are prescribed by a doctor. Surgery is also option for those who want to get rid of the seizures. You have to know that frontal lobe damage is not only caused by accidents. Sometimes it can be caused by a growing tumor in the area, genetic conditions or even blood vessel formation.