Fujian White Crane: Perfect for the Ladies

The Fujian White  crane  style is a southern Chinese fighting style with roots in the Fujian province. This particular martial art uses deep stances, complex hand movements, and its best used while in close proximity to your opponent. The White  Crane  martial art imitates the movement of a pecking  Crane , and is a style of Shaolin Boxing. It’s based on the  Crane’s  movements, spirit, and fighting skills. In another form, called the Flying  Crane , the art utilizes long-range techniques as well as close hand to hand combat skills that look like a  Crane  flapping its wings. Other styles use traditional weapons, while others have discarded weapons altogether.

The Fujian White  Crane , like other Chinese martial arts, is deeply rooted in legend. And like Wing Chun, the legend claims the art was invented by a woman.

The Legend of Qiniang Fang

The legend says the Fang family resided in Fujian province, and lived among a large population of  cranes . Qiniang Fang’s father taught her the Southern Chinese martial arts. One day, while she was doing chores, a  crane  began to bother her. She tried scaring the  crane  away with a stick, and the martial art skills learned from her father. Regardless of her efforts, the  Crane  countered all her attacks. She attempted to strike the  Crane  on its head, but the bird bobbed, dodged her attack, and blocked her stick with its wings. She then attempted to strike the  Crane’s  wings, but it moved to the side, and blocked her attack with its feet. She tried stabbing its body with the stick, but the  Crane  lunged backwards, and blocked her attack with its beak. Legend says, from that moment on, she meticulously studied the  Crane’s  movements, and joined them with the martial art skills learned from her father. In the end, she’d created the Fujian White  Crane  martial art.

Great for Women’s Self Defense

The main objective of the White  Crane  fighting styles is to give smaller opponents a fighting chance. Instead of focusing on strength, it teaches you how to evade and attack the key openings your opponent offers during the battle. The White  Crane  is rather popular these days. It’s used quite a bit in female self-defense courses, because women are able to imitate the graceful pecking movements of a  Crane  better than large men.

The White  Crane  is broken down into five styles:

1. Sleeping  Crane  Fist

2. Crying  Crane  Fist

3. Feeding  Crane  Fist

4. Flying  Crane  Fist

5. Shaking  Crane  Fist

The styles all involve powerful and low stances to give stability. This provides you with an explosive spring while maneuvering. Practitioners train you to generate power by using your torso and arms to keep stable. Your arms and shoulders move smoothly, fast, and freely while you switch between offensive and defensive postures. Your hands and wrists are taught to move with graceful, yet lethal skill.

The Bottom Line

Rather woman or man, old or young, the White  Crane  martial art is a great choice for those small in stature. It will allow you to defend yourself with grace and precision, no matter the size of your opponent. All you have to do is look up your local White  Crane  dojo, hit the mat, and learn to fight with graceful elegance like the ancient Chinese  Crane .