Fulfill the Needs and Desires of Your Prospects

The key to a great marketing campaign starts with understanding how the needs of your prospect relate to your product or service. It’s basic, but most business owners never consider the thought.

Until you know what they need and determine how you can satisfy those needs, you can’t really plan a meaningful campaign.

Get a pen and paper out and ask yourself these questions:

* If I were a prospect getting solicited by my company, what would it take to get my attention?

* What promise would I want fulfilled?

* What needs would I want to have met?

Now ask yourself:

* What needs and desires are my competitors not fulfilling?

The best way to find out where you need the most work is to list all the needs and desires your competitors are already fulfilling. Maybe you’re already fulfilling these desires too. But is it possible that you could articulate it better than they can? Sure!

A good USP (unique selling proposition) is one that fulfills a void in the marketplace. It is communicated clearly and concisely so that your prospects “get” it without having to think about it too much.

It’s also known as your “big promise.”

It’s important that you not only communicate it in everything you do and say… but that you stand by it – always!

To formulate your marketing campaign, along with the lines of your USP, I suggest asking yourself the following questions:

* How can I show more interest in my customers than my competition?

* How much more service can I offer than my competitor does?

* What are my specific added or extended service benefits?

* When I have used similar services from competitors, where have I been most impressed — or most

disappointed? And, why?

* How can I make my customers understand how important they are to me?

* How can I persuade them they are being treated with professional interest and courtesy?

* What specific needs should my product or service fulfill?

Without customers, your business doesn’t exist.

Stop running your business the way YOU want it, and start running it the way YOUR CUSTOMERS want it.

It’s all about them. It’s never about you.

* Treat your customers like dear and valued friends. Give them what THEY want.

* Treat them with respect and courtesy.

* Communicate with them often.

* Let them know you care about their wants, needs and desires.

If you’ve asked yourself the questions above and answered them honestly, you are a thousand percent better than your competition.

Rarely will ANY business ask themselves these questions. It shows in their poor revenues.

Always remember: It’s all about their needs, wants and desires. It’s never about yours.

© 2001-09 By Craig Valine