Full Plate, Try Eating Some of It For Greater Self-Improvement

Are you one of the thousands who have thought or said the following?

"My plate is full!"

This phrase is quickly becoming another Weasel Word of Life for many in the 21st century. Instead of taking action toward self-improvement including better time management, individuals now fall back on this excuse not to take action.

What this statement reveals to me is someone who lacks:

  • An action plan for life
  • A goal achievement process
  • Effective time management
  • Leadership skills
  • A proactive attitude

When you believe your plate is full, then that belief is driving your attitudes demonstrated through your own daily behaviors. This belief starts a self-fulfilling prophecy where you believe that you will never, ever, have an empty plate.

The first step to emptying your full plate is to determine is everything on the plate actually yours. Possibly, you have taken bits of food that you really do not like, but accepted them from someone else. Learning to say no is the first step to self-improvement by emptying your plate as it is in losing weight.

Next is to prioritize what is on your plate. Maybe you are just nibbling at the edges, the easier finger food and ignoring the larger pieces of food.

After you have prioritize what is important, then you need to write WAY SMART goals. If the food has been on your plate longer than a few days, then this suggests that this piece of food is either too large or too difficult to eat quickly.

Now, you can start eating what is on your plate by taking action through your WAY SMART goals. After each goal is achieved, transfer it to your Goal Accomplished Cupboard that holds all of your completed goals. The sense of self-improvement is strengthened when you see all of those accomplished goals stting tall and straight in your cupboard.

If you believe that you are a leader, a successful entrepreneur or business owner, then take action to stop thinking about your full plate. Now is the time to change your thoughts and take control of your future.