Full Tilt Poker Review – Full Tilt Poker

Here's what I think of Fulltiltpoker – I play too much on it. Why? Because its my favorite site between Fulltilt, Pokerstars, and Players Only Poker. As an average player, I can say an average poker player can have their fair share of sit'n'go wins as well as ring game wins. I've tried to stay away from the huge multi-table tournaments (anything less than a $ 20 buy in or 1000+ people is too much for me). But sit'n'goes are my favorite – just relax and wait for your cards and enough fish will give you your bang for your buck. Furthermore, it has excellent graphics, excellent software, and lots and lots of players even at 5am. Yeah 5am.

Of course, I would recommend you start out with at least a $ 100 bankroll ($ 50 is the minimum deposit so …). The rake is pretty big, especially for the low end sit'n'goes – if you want to play at a $ 1 sit'n'go you pay and extra $ 0.25. Yeah but the upper limits ($ 10 + are an extremely good value if you can win enough times)

The fish factor at Fulltilt is fairly above average. I am an average poker player (being playing for 6 months but not a winning 6 months) and the low limit ring games or sit'n'goes are fairly easy. For ring games, beware of the .25 / .50 games; that's where most of the "pros" start their game. For sit'n'goes is another story; as long as you have enough money, play whatever amount you want. Of course … dont be stupid with your money. It IS your money. Its just my experience but I stay away from those huge tournaments with huge buy ins. Yeah without your a pro you wont have the money.

Deposits and withdrawals are fairly easy as well for US players. I use my debit card, and if you use it enough times Fulltilt will conveniently save the encrypted numbers for you on your deposit page. Remember minimum deposits are $ 50. Withdrawals are also simple – you request and they will either send you a check (provided proof of address, etc) or deposit it to click2pay, etc.