Fun And Easy Crockpot Recipes

There are many food items that can be created in crockpots and thanks to the different sizes and shapes of slow cookers that have been created, the cook is able to make the amount needed for the family or guests. Sometimes a filling soup is just right for lunch or dinner and there are quite a few crockpot soup recipes available. While looking through different easy crockpot recipes, check for some of the flavorful soups that cook in two hours, such as taco soup.

When you cook soup in the crockpot, the flavors blend as it cooks. The soup will not boil, which can cause ingredients to overcook and spoil the flavor and the texture. If you are looking for an easy and unique flavored meal, many of the taco soup recipes include corn, onions, kidney beans, beef, and fantastic seasonings to make a slightly spicy incredible South of the Border taste.

Some people like their soups thick and others enjoy the more liquid broth results. When you make a taco soup in the crockpot, you can easily adjust the texture by adjusting the recipe. Watch for recipes that give options, or for more liquid, exchange a can of diced tomatoes instead of tomato sauce. If you prefer to lessen the tomato taste, use beef broth instead, either from the can or you can make it yourself with bouillon cubes and water.

Garnish the soup with sour cream, grated cheese, and green onions, and put some corn chips or tortilla chips on the side. Have hot sauce available for those who want to spice up their soup. Like other crockpot recipes using ground beef, always brown the beef before putting it in the crockpot. Crockpot recipes for Mexican food are easy to follow and leave many options for side dishes. Warm tortillas with melted butter are a common side and for variety, place corn chips on the bottom of each bowl and dish the soup over them. Remember the salt content in the chips will add a special flavor of its own.

Easy Crockpot Recipes For Families And Guests

If you like the idea of taco soup, consider making one of the many recipes for crockpot chili. Attend a chili cook-off in your area and sample the many different flavors and ideas. Sometimes the contestants will share an idea or two with you, and you will be surprised to see how many people participate as contestants or visitors to these events. Try several recipes that you find while looking through crockpot chili sections and invite your family to help make a chili recipe unique to your family. Some of the ingredients that they mention might be black beans, sliced jalapenos, yellow peppers for color, mushrooms, peppercorns, or tomato paste.

Sometimes guests will be coming over for a celebration or to watch the big game on TV. Perhaps you and your friends want to have a movie marathon. Have each person bring an item for the crockpot chili, which can be added to the crockpot as they arrive. Once everyone is there and the chili is ready to go, start the crockpot, and enjoy a couple of movies or the game. Soon the chili will be ready and everyone can enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich and bowl of chili. Some of the best chili toppings can be available on a small table or tray, including sour cream, corn chips, diced onions, cornbread, and avocado slices.