Fun Games for RV Trips

When you're on the road for an RV trip, you spend a lot of time, well, on the road. While an RV affords more entertainment opportunities, and space, than a typical road trip in a smaller vehicle, those hours can still leave your passengers pining for things to do. Here are several ideas of ways you can pass the time between destinations:

Alphabet Game

This trial-and-true classic inspires friendly competition and requires enough focus to keep RV occupants riveted on passing signs, etc. This game can be played a couple different ways. In one version, you start with A and have to find a word (on passing billboards, road signs, etc) that begins with the letter A. The same word can not be used again by another player. After finding an A word, you move on to B – who ever gets through Z first, wins! Other versions simplify the game by allowing you to find the letter anywhere, not just at the beginning of a word. In this version, you can find the letters on license plates as well.

Card Games

Whether you opt for gin rummy or go fish, an RV is ideal for playing card games because, unlike other vehicles, you have table space! Poker and black jack will go over well with older crowds, while younger players can enjoy simple games like slap jack and memory. If you're tired of traditional games, pick a target and see who can throw the most cards into the trash can, etc. Ficking cards effectively is more difficult than you'd expect – and it's addicting to try and perfect your technique. Also, an RV trip is a good a time as any to bust out all your old card tricks – your audience is captive, after all.

I Spy

This one is a good way to stay entertained while still enjoying the passing scenery. Each player takes a turn choosing an object outside and gives a clue, such as, "I spy something green." Players take turns guessing what the object is until someone gets it right, and who guesses correctly gets to pick the next object. Be careful though – if you do not pick a larger object in the distance, it's likely to pass too quickly for anyone to guess it. If you run out of larger choices, you can choose things inside the RV.

Cow Counting

If you're in cow country, start counting! Assign players to face different windows, set a time limit, and see who can spot the most cows. No livestock around? Pick whatever fits for the region you're in – a certain kind of tree or cactus, oil drills, airplanes, etc. Spice this game up by adding a prize for the team that gets the highest count before the time runs out. Nothing compels people quite like the promise of an ice cream cone or the right to choose the afternoon movie.

License Plate Acronyms

Aside from making the cars around you paranoid, writing down passing license plate numbers can provide an entertaining and creative activity. Using the letters from the license plates, see how many funny and witty phrases you can come up with using the letters as an acronym. Bonus points if you manage to include the numbers in the phrase!

Car Shopping

There are two ways you can play this game. In the first version, you pick a time limit and each player has to view the passing cars and decide which one they want to "own." Whoever calls a car first gets it, but once you call one you can not change your answer. Be careful – if you hold out until the end, you might get stuck with the last old beater you see before time runs out. At the end, you can either inquire about which car is best or let someone who did not play choose the winner. Another way to play this game is to have each player select a type of car. During the predetermined time limit, see who can find the most of his or her type of car on the road around you.

Any of the above games should be winners with your RV crowd – but you're less likely to enjoy them if you're dealing with setbacks or RV trouble. If heading through Arizona, get everything checked at a Phoenix RV service location so you can have as much peace of mind as possible during the 25th round of I Spy.