Functional Drill Press

A Drill Press is a tool used for drilling holes in furniture at home or in office. This tool is most commonly used in construction, wood work, and metal work. The drill press has a rotating bit used to make hole and a chuck at its end for gripping option.

The Uses of Drill:

o Twist drilling

o Oil drilling

o Masonry Drill

o Bench Drilling

o Pillar drilling

o Pedestal drilling

Two Types of Drill:

1. Manually Powered

The Manually powered drill runs on electricity or compressed air.

2. Minority Drive Engine

The Minority Drive engine is typically driven by an internal combustion engine. Earth drilling is an example of this type.

The Main Parts of Drill Press:

1. Base

2. Column

3. Table

4. Spindle

5. Drill Head

The Base is the head of the drill press. It usually has a set of three handles. These handles radiate from a central hub. It can be moved vertically, by the spindle and chuck when turned for adjustment. The handle is aligned parallel to the axis of the column.

The Table is generally moved by a pinion or a rack. It may be the counterbalance from the axis of the spindle and can be positively rotated to position perpendicular mainly to the column part of the drill. This can be adjusted vertically.

The size of drill press is measured relative to the swing. Swing is also known as the twice throat distance. The throat distance is the measurement from the center of the spindle to the closest pillar edge. For instance, a 16-inch drill press must have an 8-inch throat distance.

The Advantages of Drill Press:

o mechanical benefits

o More secure operation

o accurate drilling

o adjustable speed

o Continuous variable transmission engine

The drill press required less effort in applying the drill to the work piece. It gives the advantage of mechanical work by the movement of the chuck and spindle through level working on a rack and pinion. Work becomes less tiring for the user.

A table and a vise or clamp locks the work piece securely. This fixed position allows for more accurate drilling especially in repetitive tasks. The vise in drill press is a motorized screw used for holding or clamping a work piece. These apparatus allows work to be performed with tools of saw, plane, drill, mill, screwdriver, and sand paper.

The drill press can configure a change in speed by manually pulling the belt across a stepped arrangement of pulley. Other drill press consists of third stepped pulley to adjust speed. Modern drill press uses a variable speed motor conjunction with the system of stepped pulley. These are the continuous variable transmission with a sort of wide range chuck speed while the machine is running.

Other Accessories of Drill Press:

Taper Length

Head complete with bearings

Pinion shaft

Oil hole fitting for pinion shaft

Wheel hub

Wheel lever

Return Spring

Spring clamp ring

Spring tension adjuster


Spindle bearings

Spindle rings

Assembly of thrust bearing for spindle

Spindle pulley

Motor pulley

Depth stop nuts

Speed motor

Head stop bumper

Depth stop stem

Indicator adjustment bracket

Column lock, screw, pad, lever

Table lock, screw

Motor mount and tilter

Springs for motor brush

Motor bearings with oil retainers

Field assembly