Fundraising With Engraved Bricks and Tiles – A Profitable Fundraiser Any Organization or Charity

Engraved brick fundraising is a little known gem in the fundraising world. While few nonprofit organizations even think to include this in their fundraising efforts, they have no idea what a unique opportunity they are missing out on.

You have no doubt visited a high school, or a church and have seen bricks, among other things, that have been donated and dedicated to someone. This is what engraved brick fundraising is. A donor buys a brick and their name or other information is engraved in the brick. The personalized brick is then used as a display. It can be used as part of a new building to show who has donated to help construct the building. Hospitals often use brick fundraising. Many hospitals have different clinics or wings dedicated in the name of the largest donor at the time it was built. Businesses find that it can be good public relations, as well as good advertising to buy engraved bricks. Your nonprofit organization does not have to have a large construction project to use engraved bricks. Bricks are also used in smaller projects such as sidewalks, fountains and other landscaping features.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to brick engraving. A unique quality of this kind of fundraising is that you are selling something that will last. If it is part of a new building, you are selling something that will be seen by hundreds to thousands of people for years to come. Frequently bricks are donated in the memory of someone who has passed on. For a friend or family member that has passed on, the purchaser of the brick can keep their name and memory alive in a business or organization that the loved one was interested in.

The fundraising income possibilities here are endless as well. Your organization can set the price for each brick and the amount of bricks you need to sell according to how much money you need to raise. For example, your organization can sell an engraved brick for $ 150 keep over $ 100 for your profits.

You should first contact several brick engraving companies and check out their fund-raising programs. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn how easy and affordable this kind of fundraiser is when you work with a long-established brick engraving company. There is usually no up-front cost and no minimum brick order. Some companies are online and will set up a webpage for your organization so you can sell the bricks online, too. In addition to laser engraved bricks, some of the companies offer engraved tiles and other engravable products.

Engraved brick fundraisers can span a year or more. Some college alumni organizations always have an ongoing brick fundraiser. Your nonprofit, even if it is a small organization, can raise a substantial sum of money with an engraved brick fundraising project. I recommend you not pass over this idea without proper consideration.