Funny Pick Up Lines – "Closing" the Pickup

The purpose of this article is not only to give you some funny pick up lines you can use to 'break the ice' and get a conversation going, but also focusing on what you need to do to convince the girl you're 'potential' so she agrees to a date down the track. After all, if you are really serious about the arrival, a funny pick up line really is not much use unless you can take the relationship past that first meet! Read on.

Funny Pick Up lines:

– "Excuse me, I'm new in town … Can I have directions to your place?"

– You: "My magic watch says you're not wearing any underwear." Her: "Yes I am!" You: "Ohh, it must be 20 minutes fast".

– Her: "Excuse me, do you have the time?" You: "Umm, do you have the energy?"

– "You're like a prized fish. I dunno whether I should mount you or eat you."

And what now? 'Closing' the Pickup:

Okay, so you've grabbed her attention. Great! But hang on, grabbing her initial attention is not going to keep her interested in you. Just because you know a great funny pick up lines does not place you in 'alpha' status.

For her to give you a closer look, there are a few things you need to convey to her through your body language and speech. These include confidence, 'charisma', the fact that you're a scarce resource, but also the face that you are distinct to the outcome of this meeting – all in all, you need to know how to create the correct scenario so that you do not respond to her the same as every other guy in the club, which for her would be a boring repetitive process.

So keep these things in mind when looking to 'close' the pick up: – Confidence – Time restriction – Indifference to income – Knowledge of how advance using 'keno' – Sense of humor and playfulness in the right ways.

By being able to tick off each of these, you will be in a much better position to exhale 'alpha' vibes and to differentiate myself from all the other men.

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And hopefully you are now on your way to building your self persona, ready for the game!