Fur Coats – 10 Best Ways to Take Care of Them

Fur coats are expensive garments that are made to last for years. However this cannot be achieved without taking proper care of them. Here are 10 tips for you to follow.

  1. Avoid light overexposure. Natural or artificial light is responsible for oxidation and color fading. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot wear your fur during daylight. Try not hanging your precious in a spot that is not hit directly by sunlight.
  2. Let your coat breathe when hanging it in the closet. Leave adequate space between garments so that there is proper ventilation. Poor ventilation conditions provide an excellent environment for moth.
  3. Do not exert pressure on your fur. Avoid sitting on it when you are in a car. Avoid using a shoulder bag when wearing your precious garment. Always buy one size larger. You will need that extra space for winter clothes and extra comfort. This way the seams in sensitive areas, like the armpits and shoulders, will not suffer.
  4. Do not use moth balls. The odor is absorbed and it gradually becomes unpleasant.
  5. Inspect frequently for small tears and have them mended. It costs significantly less than having a whole pelt replaced. No need to mention that in most cases, colors will not match.
  6. The ideal humidity and temperature conditions are 50 degrees F and 45 per cent humidity. These are the conditions that you find in a professional vault.
  7. Do not store or hang near a heat source. Heat will dry up the pelts.
  8. If your fur coat gets wet, leave it dry naturally. If it gets soaked, then you will need a furrier’s help.
  9. Wear them as often as you like. This helps the pelts get naturally hydrated. There is also a wide variety of special oils that will hydrate your coat.
  10. Use only professional cleaning services. Never put them in a regular washing machine.

Mink is one of the longest lasting furs. There is also a wide range of fur types that can last for a long time. Raccoon, bobcat, sable and wolf are renowned for their durability. Beaver, fox and Persian lamb are somewhere in the middle. Chinchilla,ermine and rabbit are more sensitive.

If you own a fur coat, then you have probably spend a small fortune to get it. Treat and protect your investment accordingly to its value. Always remember that is a sensitive and delicate material.Show some love and you will get it back.