Furnished Accommodations in Toronto for Business or Vacation

Many corporations maintain branches in Toronto the Good – also nicknamed “Hogtown” or “The Big Smoke” (a nickname originally used for London England). It’s one of the few Canadian cities that can match the big U.S, cities in terms of population and financial activity. The people are polite but unsmiling as they struggle every day to get to work and back home again on crowded transit buses and subway lines. Many of them come from small towns in order to get jobs that might have a promising future.

When corporate managers and other key executives are dispatched to another city for several months at a time they may want to take a spouse or other family members along. This means that hotel rooms wouldn’t be practical in terms of expense and cramped quarters. Luckily there are certified housing professionals to turn to for a choice of condos and houses that will make them feel at home in cities like Toronto.

New condo buildings are constructed constantly so there is no lack of luxury housing for corporate suites providers to mine for rental opportunities. A landlord or single unit owner can turn over the apartment space for rental purposes for all or part of the year to capitalize on his investment.

The selection of location depends on the temperament and lifestyle of the executive traveler. He may want to stay in a part of town which is very quiet and scenic like the Beaches east of downtown, or be right where the action is in Yorkville or the entertainment district. Museums, live theatre, nightclubs, and fine dining are all within walking distance within the downtown core.

Guests who elect to use furnished suites instead of hotels are able to cook their own food since kitchens are available, along with all condo amenities like laundry, high-definition television, stereo sound systems, parking, balconies, gyms, and saunas. Toronto furnished apartments come in all sizes and choices of décor. The cost is approximately half of what a four or five star hotel would charge for much less elbow room.

It would be safe to assume that anyone on a company expense account would like to keep the prices down while still letting their company officers reside in executive suites that would be in line with their normal living quarters. The suites are serviced so there is no time wasted scrubbing the bathroom or other unpleasant distractions. Stress can be kept at low tide all during the stay so that the businessman can concentrate on work and have plenty of time to explore the city and enjoy all it has to offer.

People who enjoy urban vacations will find Toronto a good destination and if they are fortunate enough to have several months to enjoy themselves they will discover that Toronto is very close to outdoor activities such as skiing, camping, and hiking. There are major league sports events to attend; teams like the NHL’s Maple Leafs, NBA Raptors, the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League, and baseball’s Toronto Jays (formerly called the Blue Jays).

Whether on business, sabbatical, or vacation, the city of Toronto has everything for the upscale traveler. Staying in the city for part of the year can be a refreshing experience when the  accommodations  are enjoyable, yet Toronto is placid enough to get some serious work done.