Galactic Connection: Shadow of Us!

Authentic Human Development: Connecting to the Shadow

MODE of Cosmic Therapy ©

We all know we live inside the physical body of at least two distinct personalities. One, we show to the world, the other we wrestle with in the privacy of our own fragile inconsistent minds. We do a great job convincing others and ourselves we have it all together. But, we know, more than anyone would ever suspect, how much we have not bridged the gap between our frailties and insecurities.

We strive to overcome the constituent inconsistencies with little noticeable progress. Why? Because we 'think' we're supposed to change, alter, and diminish (save ourselves from our weaknesses) instead of embracing, befriending and allowing them to teach us what we so desireately need to learn: to stop judging ourselves and measuring our progress .

With all the educational psychology courses we could take in self-improvement, development, enlightenment, none would be as gratifying as one afternoon's worth of getting to know our shadow: the neglected and shunned part of ourselves we are so vehemently ashamed of.

Psychologically, this abandoned part of us would be hiding in the unconscious, asking to be vented through and released from the slatted shafts of complicated momentous blame. Esoterically, it would be pouncing up the layers of embedded multi-dimensional selves; We are in the process of filtering and panning for nuggets of gold. Educationally, it's the only real course of interest we ever maintained through our lives in spite of all of the stages we moved through, along with the people and projects we placated and sublimated our energy for or into.

Self-edification is not a matter of making ourselves better in any stretch of the imagination. How in the world would that be possible? Better than what? Better than the preconceived Ideas we have established or better than others which we have gauged inappropriately, inaccessibly and indiscriminately? We have no idea in / to what depths other people must fight their demons. None are exempt.

WE walk in a manner of such high-mindedness, so full of the reoccurring falsity in our lives; We would not realize, accept or embrace a genuine unprocessed aspect of ourselves if we met it on the street corner. Our first item on the agenda of personal business is self-importance. We deem ourselves in such a well-preserved slot of significance and filling an elusively carved out niche of indispensable substance; We continuously set up for ourselves illegally contrived versions of despairing consequence and unnecessary constrictions.

Our discontented lives are based upon hefty fragmented doses of sketchy episodes in 'chasing to become', 'gotta get somewhere', 'need to secure something' '' I can not live without that person 'in order to be happy or fulfilled. Of these self-sabotaging scenes are filled to the bursting point of pretense. Our inherent 'desire pot' boiled over and we were not even at home when it happened. It's all a matter of showing up for our lives, with the shadow part holding The gold embroidered invitation.

The very fact we claim to want something other than what we are currently engaged in is utterly ludicrous and self-deprecating. We have no need of any other raw material to create our destinies other than that which is facing us at the moment. Not only is our shadow self apparently not impressed by our outlandish tactics to convince and impress people, but it is not the least bit interested in how supposedly enlightened we say we are. Bull shit.

We are no more enlightened than the next moment when we grow angry because someone has intervened in our plans or upset our applecart with ideas we did not approve of or expect. How many minutes can we actually let things be without comment or interference?

How dare we pretend to be further along than are? And, pray tell me, how would we know the process to begin to gauge our progress? The idiotic measuring tool would be soiled and distorted in our favor, of course, that the results would be biased beyond belief. It's so easy to resist the shadow part of our nature. And, easier still, to project it onto someone else. Neither action works. Coming to terms with the part of us that often times is so scared and rejected, we are not even conscious it rules us until we see the blatant demonstration quite unexpectedly.

Then, we immediately, set about apologizing or defending our action; Which, in fact, does nothing but add insult to injury.

Our deepest desires are programmed. WE have no idea of ​​why we are attracted to the people we attract or engage in the activities we engage. We continue to turn the pancake over washing when it will be done when we have not even turned on the stove. In other words, we lie. We lie all the time; To ourselves, others and unrelentingly to the universe in search of something to satisfy, gratify, soothe and coax us into believing we are so great and wonderful.

The truth is we are not happy, unfulfilled or discordant. "This is as good as it gets." And, we're damned glad of it. We simply will not accept the inexplicable passionate truth which resides deep within.

We are lustful, passion seeking creatures, who earnestly desire to be broken in like a wild stallion. We want to tangle with the depths of our dark natures in order to spring the banned criminal of ecstasy from his belied cell of self-conviction. No longer do we have to prepare to care when we do not. The self-loathing misery arises from trying to force ourselves to do and be something we are not nor ever have been.

Our sublime sensual sexual artistic nature demands to be heard and expressed in ways that are shocking and liberating. What does that involve? Getting gut honest; Doing that which is so alien to our natures. Stopseeing our actions. When there's an awkward gap in the conversation, leave it alone. Do not try to explain, defend, excuse or clarify.

Most of all, stop seeking enlightenment as if it's on another paradisiacal level or in some celestial sphere of some sort. It's right where you stand, in the face of those we encounter and interact with on a daily basis. Can we get with that? In order to ascend we must descend to the depths of our being. We must discover, unravel, expose and liberate the 'supposedly' banal aspects. Bring them to the light of day.

Our soul, no matter how we perceive or define its precious ruthless qualities, resides in the darkest part of our natures. We are not to compare and compete with it as if in some boxing match, we are to introduce ourselves, find a common ground upon which we can both equally play out the parts of the divine play we so cleverly inconspicuously designed for this human earth walk .