Gallery Frames – The Secret to Making Your Picture Wall Stand Out

One of the best ways to create powerful, professional-looking wall displays is with gallery frames. Unfortunately, most people are not familiar with gallery frames and the power they have to make your pictures stand out. Here we'll explain what gallery frames are and the types you can use to make your photos look even better.

Gallery picture frames are frames with simple moldings that are designed to put the emphasis on the picture instead of the frame. Often times, they have wide picture frame mats that help draw you eye away from the frame and straight to the photo.

With gallery frames it's really important to choose a frame that will help make your picture stand out. You want to select a frame that will complement and accentuate your picture rather than compete with it. Choosing the right gallery frame is more than merely selecting a frame you like. It's about understanding that color, style and type of frame (and / or a picture mat) can mean the difference between a nice display and one that grabs your attention

Different Types of Gallery Frames

Gallery picture frames are generally available in two materials, metal and wood, and can be used either with or without picture frame mats.

The metal frames are typically made out of aluminum and are usually a brushed silver finish or a painted black. Wood gallery frames, on the other hand, are more popular as they come in a variety of stained woods such as white, black, brown, walnut, teak and natural wood.

They are also available in a wide range of sizes, which is ideal when you want to hang several pictures and make them all look good together. By selecting one style and color of frame in different sizes, they'll look like a well planned picture display and will not leave your wall looking cluttered.

If you want a more formal or professional look to your photo wall, then you definitely want to use picture mats with your gallery picture frames. Using mats is actually one of the distinguishing features of gallery frames because they set your picture apart from any other frame. That's why using mats is almost always used by professional photographers and artists because they know the impact a mat can make on a photo.

With ready made gallery frames, often manufacturers will use either a plain white mat or simply will not include one to let the photographer choose their own. Although buying a separate mat, can take a little extra effort, it often results in getting a mat that complements your picture far better than simple white. Anytime you're selecting a mat color always go for a mat color that brings out a key feature or color in the photo rather than makes a strong contrast. And, although this may seem obvious, always make sure the mat you're buying fits both your picture and the frame.

If you'd prefer a completely custom wall gallery frame, then you'll get to select the frame color, molding, material, size, and mat color to get exactly what you want. You will be paying a premium for this custom service but will get a frame that looks great with your picture.

Hopefully, your new knowledge will encourage you to try using gallery frames for your favorite pictures. Once you do, you'll discover that using gallery frames is a fun and artistic way to turn a photographic collection into a fine photo gallery in the comfort of your own home.