Garage Floors – How Much Do I Need?

Garage floors make a nice addition to any home and they are a fantastic home improvement project. There are many types of garage flooring products available with the most popular being rolled garage flooring, sometimes called rubber garage floors. With the wide variety of textures, colors and thicknesses available, choosing the right garage floor can be a difficult task.

Whatever type you choose you will need to determine how much flooring you need to purchase. If you have a rectangular or square garage, that calculation is quite simply length x width. For example, if your garage is 24 'x 20', then you simply take 24 x 20 and determine that your garage is 480 square feet. If you were going to purchase rolled garage floors then your best option would be to choose a roll that is 10 feet wide and purchase the length you need for each 10 foot increment. In our example 2 rolls of garage flooring that is 10 feet wide by 24 feet long would be perfect. But what if you garage is 24 'x 22'? If that is the case the best option would be to purchase rolled garage flooring that is 7.5 'wide and then buy 3 rolls at 24' long.

In each of the examples above it is important to know the width and length of your garage. Many of the garage floors available come in various patterns and are generally roled out from the back of the garage to the front. By doing this, the seem will run along the length of the garage. To determine the width of the rolls you will need you simply take the width of your garage and divide it by the various widths of flooring available. The most common widths of rolled garage flooring are 7.5 ', 8', 9 'and 10'. If your garage is 22 'wide then the best choice would be 3 rolls of the 7.5' width flooring. That would give you the least amount of waste when you install your floor. Three rolls at 7.5 'wide would cover an area 22.5' wide providing only 6 inches of waste.

Once you determine the width of the rolls you need the length is easy. Purchase each of the rolls in the total length of the garage. For example, if your garage is 24 'long then you will need each of your rolls to be 24'. But what if the necessary length of garage flooring is not available? The better garage flooring retailers can special order the perfect length of flooring you need. This eliminates waste and generally saves you money. Because there are usually custom order cut charges, it is best to order a single long run of flooring instead of 3 separate rolls. In our 24 'long garage, that would mean a total roll length of 72', (24'x3).

Calculating the right amount of a rubber garage floor can be a difficult task but one that is extremely important if you are planning on this impressive home improvement project. You do not want to buy too much and waste your money but you also do not want to buy too little and end up short on the job. The right calculations are important. If you are not comfortable determining how much you need, ask for help. The better retailers will be more than willing to help you order the perfect amount.