Garage Workbench Plans And Patterns

Could there be a more prefect piece of man-cave furniture then the garage WORKBENCH?

It’s kind of ironic isn’t it – your first workbench project will be BUILDING your own workbench. If done CORRECTLY, you’ll wind up with the perfect space for creating your next GREAT invention.

Planning is essential for a successful build. Skills with tools and woodworking are important, but you still need a good plan now matter how skilled you are.

You can buy workbench blueprints or you can design your own. Take a look at the blueprint links at the end of this article. Even if you decide to design your own, you’re certain to gain great ideas from the blueprints you purchase for cheap. You can always modify someone else’s design to fit your needs.

A good starting point in planning your workbench is to measure the dimensions of your garage. Get a good idea of how much work space you’ll have available at any available location inside the garage. Any workbench you build should fit this minimum criteria.

1. Access to electrical outlets. Extension cords bringing power to a workbench is no a good idea, and could violate local codes. In case of fire, you could find yourself without insurance.

2. Don’t crowd out the floor space. You’re going to need plenty of floor space remaining for the hot-rod you’re planning to build – or the wife’s Volvo.

3. Consider distance from the garage door if you plan on hauling materials directly from your truck to the workspace.

For the DIY workbench designers out there, consider building it permanently to the exposed wall studs in your garage walls. This type of bench is, for all intensive purpose, permanent, but can easily be dismantled in needed. It gives work space far more sturdy than the types found for purchase in the hardware store, and can be customized as much as you want.

Once you have a good idea on the size and location of your workbench, it’s time to consider storage space for tools, supplies and raw materials that you tend to work with most. You can build shelving underneath the workbench to provide enormous amounts of storage space for hobby supplies or other garage relegated storage. Cabinets or shelves above the workbench provide additional storage, or you can always use pegboard to arrange tools for hanging storage.

Finally, with location, and storage options figured out, it’s time to calculate all the supplies, and tools you’ll need for building your new garage workbench. Try not to leave out anything. Accurately calculate the number of screws or nails you’ll need so you make sure to buy enough first time around. You’ll have a good idea of the cost of your project by accurately projecting these needs. You can save a lot of money buying these fasteners in bulk, and if you have some left over – that’s one less hardware store trip the time you need nails.

With these line items complete, you can being. It really doesn’t matter if you plan on buying plans for a workbench or going with your own design. Follow these handy helpful hints and build the last workbench you’ll ever need.