Garage Workbenches – A Before You Buy or Build Overview

The garage workbench is an indispensable part of any garage. There are many choices to make starting with the decision to purchase a portable workbench for small projects, all the way to building one as an integral part of the garage.

The different kinds of garage workbenches

Workbenches can be purchased in many different sizes and designs, and can be found in most home improvement stores. Below we present a brief review of different workbench designs for the garage that you might find available at your local retailer.

1. The Table Workbench is a very common type, and for the most part looks like an every day table. The materials used in a table workbench are what differentiate it from a normal table. Tough durable materials like steel or hardwood are used to withstand the punishment.

2. Cabinet workbench – as the name implies, combines the utility of a workbench with the convenience of cabinets for storage and organization. These types of workbenches will cost a little more, but the extra cost is perfectly offset by the added value. Cabinet type workbenches provide a compact workspace where tools and chemicals can be safely stored.

3. More of a feature than a workbench type – the power strip workbench provides plenty of outlets for electrical tools needed for most any hobby. Often combined with utility drawers, these can be very compact, handy workbenches for light duty hobbies.

Building a garage workbench yourself.

When store bought solutions don’t fit the need, there’s always the option of building your own workbench. Garage workbench kits can be purchased at most any hardware store. These kits contain everything needed to build a great light duty workbench for the garage or lab.

Then there’s the hardcore method – building your own garage workbench from scratch. You purchase, cut, and shape the lumber materials into the workbench that fits your exact needs. Plans and blueprints are readily available for free download off the internet, or they can be purchased at any good hardware store.

If you go with the hard core workbench method, be sure to purchase the best quality materials you can afford. The workbench top should be at least 3/8 of an inch thick plywood, preferably 1/2 inch. Polyurethane is a good coating to protect the workspace from moisture. Always use screws, not nails, never compromise on quality, and always take pride in your work.

Buy or build, a workbench is an indispensable part of any garage. So clear out the paint cans, the boxes and bags to make some room. Happy cobbling.