Garden Driveway Lights – Set the Stage For Your Visitors

Garden lights enhance any home, and why would not you want to do that? As the first impression viewers get of your home is the driveway and frontage, it seems logical to kick off your landscape lighting by installing garden driveway lights. We all cherish our homes; in the majority of cases they are the fruits of years of hard labour, both in terms of earning the cash needed for its upkeep and the work involved in keeping it looking good. But keeping your home looking good can be fun as well as hard work, especially when it comes to illuminating that public facade, the driveway.

One good tip is to think of your home as a stage; a stage where you and your family act out the multitude of experience that go into making up a life. All stages are illuminated. When thinking about your own stage lighting, do not just think in terms of separate areas to be lit, instead think of your home and its surroundings as a cohesive whole; by doing a whole world of special effects is opened up to you.

If you want your home to give the impression of traditional solidity, then Victorian style lampposts will probably play a part in your lighting design. For a dramatic scene, use directional ground lights to highlight trees and architecture. If, however, you prefer mysterious to dramatic, just change the position of the ground light, placing it behind the tree rather than in front of it; you'll go from dramatic to ethereal in just one step.