Garden Equipments For Better Gardening

Different types of garden equipments are required to maintain a beautiful and neat garden. There are various types of hand tools as well as power tools that can be used for various purposes. Gardeners require many kinds of tools but there are some essential tools required for proper gardening.

Buying the right type of garden equipments can be quite confusing for beginners but there are some basic tools which can be identified easily. The following section describes some of these tools which can be bought from many of the online stores at affordable rates.

Basic Garden Equipments

Shovels: One of the most common and basic tools required for gardening includes the shovels. The shovels are needed for digging and moving the soil. It is also used for planting trees and shrubs. It has round and pointed blades. Shovels with flat edges at the top of the blades prove to be more useful as you can place your foot on it while digging the soil. A variety of shovels are available today in many of the leading garden equipments stores.

Pruning Shears: Necessary lawn tools should include pruning shears to trim plants and cut dead branches. Pruning shears help to cut the plants neatly without ripping them. There are mainly two varieties of pruning shears which include bypass and anvil. Pruning shears can also be differentiated by two types mainly the hand and machine operated shears.

Trowels: Garden equipments also consist of trowels of various types. Trowels are similar to spades in appearance but are more pointed and longer. It can either be narrow or wide. There are many designs which make digging an easier task. Choosing rubber handles is an excellent idea as it is easy to grip. Solid soil can be dug easily with the use of narrow blades.

Spading forks: Another useful lawn tool includes the spading forks which are similar to spades. Strong forks have square tines and can be used efficiently for breaking the soil.

Hoes: Most important garden equipments include the hoes which are used to remove weeds. Weeds can be found in every garden and it is essential to remove them easily without destroying the plants. Hoes can also be used to smoother the soil around the plants. Steel blade hoes are strong with suitable handles. Different shaped hoes are available today, so it is important to choose hoes that provide comfortable handles.

Lawn movers: The list of garden equipments is incomplete without the mention of lawn movers. Different types of lawn movers are available today which include electric lawn movers, heavy duty lawn movers, petrol lawn mover and so forth.

Water cans: Various kinds of water cans are available which include copper water cans, light weight water cans, and portable copper water cans.

Other useful garden equipments include carts and wheelbarrows. It is difficult to carry things around the garden without the use of wheelbarrows. Different types of wheelbarrows of various sizes and features are easily available today. With wide and varied options of tools and equipments, it is important to know the type of tools required for your garden.