Garden Paving – Outdoor Living at Its Best

There are various advantages which are afforded by a well managed garden paving project. In the case of rain or snow, an unpaved surface becomes muddy and slippery. Backyard elements will be linked together by a well defined paved pathway and the features of the outdoor are brought together like the rooms of a house.

A pathway invites one to explore the nooks and crannies of the outdoor space. Imagine exploring a rustic cottage garden which hides its delights around corners and behind foliage.

There is a paving design which will suit your garden. It is a matter of looking at the space in a practical and creative manner. There is a great range of shapes, sizes and colours of paving slabs to choose from, so finding something appropriate should not be an issue. The enhancement of your outdoor space will provide you with practical benefits and pleasure for years to come.

Garden paving material is available in two basic materials: composite and stone.

Manufactured composites allow for greater flexibility with their large range of shapes and colours, and there is likely to be something appropriate to your requirements in terms of price, practicality and beauty.

High quality precast concrete pavers come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes, but if flexibility is important you may consider using poured concrete because of its shaping and aggregation qualities. It allows for creativity in planning and will result in a durable surface.

A popular choice of materials with many when undertaking a garden paving project is bricks. There is a good range of bricks available and laying them in different patterns creates different effects. Most garden paving involves bricks of some kind, and although they may not always be the cheapest alternative, they are, nevertheless, a good option in most circumstances.

Paving stones are available in many different shapes, sizes and colours. They can be a little pricey so keep an eye on your budget as you shop around.

Limestone doesn’t have such a range of colours, but is easier to work with than some of the other materials. Slate is considered by many to be most beautiful of paving materials, but may be less durable than some of the other paving stones.

Perhaps the toughest of the paving stones is granite. You will find a great range of colours, and being such a hard stone, it is an excellent choice in terms of durability.

A popular choice is sandstone, which also comes in a large range of shapes and colours, and is somewhat easier to work with. It also tends to be cheaper.

A creative project master will happily combine different materials in their undertaking, and the result of intelligent combinations of materials can be both surprising and pleasing.

There is something available for everybody when they are considering a paving project. They just have to combine the materials and ideas appropriate to their taste and to their budget. For much more information about all types of paving projects for the home, please feel free to visit our Garden Paving website