Garden Swing Hammock

Most people enjoy being outside as it's a great way to unwind and also appreciate nature. After a long week of work it is sometimes nice to stay at home and relax rather than go out and do something. The garden is the perfect place to be outside without traveling far from home. The garden offers an instant place for relaxation and easing away troubles. Many individuals spend time maintaining their gardens to create a beautiful environment to enjoy.

To really enjoy being outside you need somewhere to sit and relax. Patio recliners are great for working on tans and lounging in but when it comes to comfort, a garden swing hammock is perfect. I'm not talking about the hammocks that you see in the jungle that are tied in between trees and look impossible to get into, but the seated swing hammocks.

These types of garden swing hammocks can be bought in various sizes, shapes, colors and designs. You can coordinate with your garden surroundings but they are also great for decks and front porches. Generally speaking, a garden swing hammock is made up of two frames with a horizontal pole which the seats hang from and swing.

Unlike a real hammock, they do not need an anchor point because the seats are suspended with two freestanding frames held together between poles. This means that they can be placed anywhere and disassembled and moved without too much difficulty.

To shield yourself from the sun's harsh rays, most swing seats come with a sunshade so you can enjoy the summer days without being burnt to a crisp. Many models offer adjustable sunshades to give you complete shade. When you buy a DIY garden swing hammock you'll have everything you need to construct it and should take no more than an hour to put together with help.

Costing just a few hundred dollars, they provide the perfect place to sit and enjoy the garden view, indulge in a good read and chat to friends. You can enjoy the gentle rocking sensation as you relish an afternoon nap. If you want to lounge outstretched, then a 3 seater is a good size to have.

The garden swing hammock is a great piece of design that combines the chair and hammock. If you want to experience extra comfort, there are swing seats that feature cushioned seats and armrests. In times of bad weather they can be covered or brought inside to avoid being soiled or damaged.