Garden Tools to Transform Your Garden This Spring and Summer

We have worked with lots of gardeners, including everyone from the guy who just wants to cut the grass, and do some light tidying in the garden to keep the peace with the wife, to aspirational gardeners who have the time and patience to seek to create something beautiful.

Getting down to basics, we always recommend starting with a simple three piece garden tool set, comprising a strong garden trowel, a transplantor/ cultivator type tool, particularly useful if it has been marked with measurements for replanting, and a garden fork or rake for breaking up and separating the soil around your plants.

Now, in case you hadn’t gathered, what we’re getting into here is planting flowerbeds, and as we have witnessed first hand many times, a few hours every now and then really can turn into something beautiful for you and the rest of your family, neighbours and friends to enjoy, and can really brighten up a dull day, or bring a smile to the face of a grumpy neighbour.

The garden trowel is the classic gardener’s tool, and performs functions like digging up and redistributing the soil in your flowerbed, planting bushes and plants and basically any other sort of activity where a small hand spade type tool is required.

The cultivator or transplantor tool is a more specialised piece of equipment. It is typically narrower than a garden trowel, and is usually notched with measurements to make it easy to create the correct hole size when planting and replanting shrubs and flowers in your garden.

A small hand garden fork, or small garden hand rake is another essential tool that we recommend to all gardeners and is perfect for weeding around your plants, and in your flowerbeds. The tools that we are discussing are all small garden hand tools that make them perfect for accurate, close up work in and around your flower beds.

Gardening is experiencing a transition back to cool, as people are once again learning to appreciate that spending time in nature in your garden, is not something to be avoided at all costs, but rather something to be enjoyed.

A few hours in your garden will get some fresh air into your lungs, burn some calories, increase your range of motion, get your off the couch, sofa or the laptop, and give you greater energy, and a sense of achievement, as you stuff gets done that you may have turning a blind eye to.