Gardening Equipment That Should Be In Every Gardener’s Shed

Gardening equipment is something every gardener needs. At least that’s what we all say when we rush off to buy that handy new extra-light shovel that just went on sale! However, not every gardener has all the tools, or even the right ones necessary, and most gardeners will just make do with what they have. Most of the time improvisation is the key.

But if you are serious about growing a garden this year, there are several things you absolutely need to have. A shovel, a hoe and a rake are three of the basics. Pruning scissors are another valuable tool that you should add to your arsenal as soon as you can.

Over the year, I’ve amassed quite a collection of equipment, to the point of not having room for them all in my shed. But out of all those tools, my favorites are an old pair of comfortable gloves and my trusty kitchen knife.

When I can’t find my pruning shears, my kitchen knife takes its place and works just fine. If my hoe or shovel isn’t handy, the tip of the knife can often get the job done. Of course, there are many times when I don’t even go that far and just use my hands to dig the soil.

It may sound like a disorganized way of gardening, but every gardener knows that if you’re knee-deep in the garden, the last thing you want to do is drop everything to go find a tool. In spite of all that, some jobs really are made easier with the right tools and it may be worth taking a minute or two to go get them. One of those is my garden claw.

I’ve got two different types – one for kneeling work and one for standing up. I just stick the claw into the dirt, give it a twist and pull it back out. It does a great job of loosening the soil and is particularly helpful for pulling weeds.

The thing to keep in mind about gardening equipment is that while you might really want something, you also might not really need it. Stick with the basics and your gardening will go smoothly.