Gardening Tools and Their Uses

A garden is a place for escape for most people. Just to watch the greens and the colors grow healthily around you can give you a pleasant feeling. You get a wonderful feeling especially if they were made to grow by your own hands. Gardening is a form of therapy and exercise. There are a lot of other things you can gain by gaining or from having a garden. Imagine a wonderful garden with bamboo fountains and beautiful plants planted on perfectly designed garden planters. Just think how much stress it can take away from you.

If you are a beginner and wants to start a garden at your backyard, you must learn first all the gardening basics. Know the type of soil you have, you weather condition, the plants you want to plant, the space, how you want your plants to be planted etc. But the most important thing that should be on your list is a good set of gardening tools. Or else, how will you be able to cultivate your garden and plant you seeds and seedlings?

Here is a list of gardening tools and their uses.

Hand tools:

These are the most basic tools you should have.

Trowel – this looks like a little shovel and does a great job for making holes for bulbs, digging and planting.

Hand weeder – this tool looks like a screwdriver with a forked tip. This works well in prying on plants to remove weeds.

Pruners – include pruning shears and knife. Pruning shears looks like a tough scissors. These tools are best for pruning and cutting unwanted plant parts.

Long-Handled tools:

Shovels – these come in different forms. They are used for digging holes, mixing and shoveling soil.

Hoe – this long-handled tool is useful for removing weeds. This also helps to loosen soil and aerate plants.

Pitchfork or Spading fork – this tool breaks down soil and turns clumps into loose soil.

Mechanical Tools:

Tiller – this is the only mechanical tools you'd need in your garden. Tillers are usually used at the beginning or end of gardening season. Tillers have blades for wheels designed to dig and break up the soil into smaller chunks. This tool is used to plow the garden plot to return plant remains into the soil. Tillers are expensive so may just want to borrow one from a neighbor or rent from a garden center.

How to Care for Your Garden Tools:

Take time to clean your tools.

Do not leave them stuck in the ground.

Return them to the garage, shed or box.

Do not store them wet.

Rub the wooden handles with linseed oil to keep them from drying and cracking.

Maintain the sharp edge of metal tools.

Do not let chemicals remain on tools.