Gardening Tools

What exactly is a gardening tool? It is any tool made for working in gardens, and overlaps with use in horticulture and agriculture. Some of the earliest tools used by man were the spade, the garden hoe, pitchfork, garden fork, rake and a plough. Most of the tools in the earliest of agriculture times were made from wood, bone and flint.

Later on, tools were made from copper, iron and steel, which enabled the farmers to have more durable tools. With the emergence of industrial metal working came the manufacturing of cutting tools, like pruning shears and grass shears.

With the dawn of power tools a whole new line of items became available. Tools such as cultivators, string trimmers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, leaf sweepers, lawn aerators, irrigation sprinklers, mini tractors and of course the lawn mower.

Although lawn mowers are not necessarily considered a garden tool as most people look at it, it is something gardeners depend on to keep the grounds looking nice and trimmed.

Depending on the type and size of your garden you could use a variety of these tools. If you are taking care of a flower garden, you may need a hoe, rake, grass shears or even a spade for planting or moving things around. Rose gardens, may require pruning shears for cutting back roses at the appropriate time, so that they bloom again. For large vegetable gardens a tractor, with a plow and cultivator maybe necessary as well as a garden hoe and a rake.

Other tools or things that might be considered as tools are the fertilizer and feeds or weed killers that you may have need of at any point in the life of the garden. Law sprinklers or irrigation systems could also be considered as tools of the trade. Granted you may not need the sprinklers that you see in fields where the power of the water turns the wheels and waters acres and acres at a time.

No matter the size of the type of garden you have or are planning, you can locate most tools needed for the job at any hardware store, or any store that has a garden department. Lowe's, The Home Depot, Walmart, Ace Hardware and probably any local feed store if you live in the country can provide you not only with the tools to start or work your garden, but the seeds, seedlings and fertilizer you need to get it in the ground.

Even with tools gardening is hard back breaking, knee bending, and a lot of times hot work. So why do people do it? For stress relief, for the pure pleasure of making something grow and maybe even to feed their family.