Garmin Nuvi 200 – Expert Product Review and Key Features

The Garmin Nuvi 200 is one of the entry-level devices in the Nuvi series of powerful GPS navigators. It offers travelers and drivers a more budget friendly version of the famous portable navigation devices. And just like the other navigation systems in this series, the Garmin Nuvi 200 includes voice prompted directions, calculator, currency converter, picture converter and world clock as standard. The Garmin lock security is also a key feature in this model.

Design and Features

The Nuvi 200 features an easy to use full color touch screen and slim design that is perfect for everyday navigation. The device now also comes in classic silver modern pink colors, so you can now step out in style with any color to match your mood. The Garmin Nuvi 200 also allows you to load POIs or points of interests into your device so you can set it up for speed traps, schools and your favorite boutiques.

This may be Garmin’s entry-level GPS model but it boasts an even sleeker, streamlined design compared to its predecessors. It continues to deliver similar intuitive interface and accurate directions to its user. It makes a few compromises on the feature set by striping out some multimedia and advanced travel tools found in some of the other high-end devices but is still a good buy for its price.

The device is also extremely compact with being just 3.8 inches wide, 2.8 inches high and weighing just under 5.2 ounces. It really isn’t that much bigger than today’s current PDAs, smartphones and other handheld personal devices. A GPS antenna is now also integrated into the Garmin Nuvi 200.

Additionally, a brand new A 3.5 inch QVGA touch screen now dominates the face of the device which features a bright, crisp display and a 320 x 240 pixel resolution. It also features anti glare coating to let you easily view the screen under extreme lighting conditions and bright sunlight.

The 200 series also comes with a new, uniquely designed suction cup mount which compliments Garmin’s reputation for offering the best mounts in the industry. It offers easy assembly with a fully adjustable ball and socket joint. One of the best features of this mount assembly is the integration of the recharging power cable which connects from directly inside the mount and stays firmly secured even when the device is unmounted.

Nuvi 200 Pros and Cons

Pros: Easy to use, quick start-up, small & lightweight, excellent circuitry and software

Cons: no text to speech features, case not included in box, no AC plug