Garmin Nuvi Mounting Bracket Types

The GPS is an indispensable took these days. Whether you're on foot or in a car, you ca use them any time and anywhere. If you own any of the Garmin Nuvi navigators like the 255w, 760, 200, 205w, and 255, you have to protect them from potential damage or scratches using the Garmin Nuvi mounting bracket. As the word suggests, the items is basically a mounting bracket that you can purchase separately. It is also available in different sizes so you have to double check if it can fit into your navigator.

The mounting brackets are sold in a wide range of prices. If you own Garmin gadgets, you should also stick with Garmin mounting brackets. Otherwise, you might get the wrong one that will only compromise the efficacy of your navigator. The reason why people purchase the mounting bracket is because it is quite useful when you can not use windshield mounts. You can also remove it with ease and transfer to another vehicle. Just read the manufacturers instructions and after that, you can now setup the mount. It is very easy and most of the brackets also come with a one year limited warranty.

Aside from mounting the Nuvi on the windshield, you can also do it on the dash. In fact, a dash mount is already included when you purchase the device. It looks similar to windshield mounts but it remains fixed on the dash using adhesive backing. A suction cup is placed on the windshield to support the bracket's back. You can also remove it for security and storage. Just check the ball joint and remove it. It is also possible to place the navigator on the vent. This can be done with the use of vent mount. This is not included in the Nuvi but you can buy it from stores. It is also attached through the ball joint like that of the windshield mount. The main difference is that it has prong ends that you can attach to the air vent securely.

These are some of the mounting bracket types that you can purchase from online and local stores. Make sure that you choose one that will meet your needs. Since the products are sold in different prices, you have to shop around. Find a suitable mount for the GPS systems that you're using. You can make an informed purchase by reading product reviews and ratings.