Gas Or Propane Stoves – Pros And Cons

Let's look at both types of stoves. Let's start with the propane stove. I would imagine for most people they prefer using the propane stove over using the white gas and or dual fuel stoves. The number one reason is the ease of use. Just twist on a can of propane, turn the knob, light the fire and start cooking. Just like home if you have a gas stove. Some stoves have built-in starters to make it easier to light the stove.

That's great but the only draw back is that the cylinders do not last very long and are mainly used for simple cooking. You can get an adapter that will allow you to use the larger tanks like the one you might use on your propane patio grill. This will give you a longer cooking period for those meals that take longer to prepare.

Now let's talk about the white gas and or dual fuel stoves. These stoves have a tank that you fill with fuel from a can by using the fill port and funnel. After you fill the tank you have to use the built in pump to compress the tank so the gas is forced through the generator to the burners. Sounds like it is too much work maybe but the typical gas stove usually burns much hotter than a propane stove and a full tank lasts much longer than a propane cylinder. Since the tank packs with the stove, all you need to bring is can of fuel. A gallon can of fuel will make it through most camping trips. One gallon of white fuel equals about four and a half propane cylinders.

I've used both and my personal preference is the gas stove because when I go camping I like to cook meals. Not just hamburgers and hot dogs. When I use gas I do not have to worry about how much propane is left in the cylinder before I start cooking but that's my preference and for other people propane may be their. I can not make the decision for you all I can give you my my opinion. The stove you choose should reflect the type of food preparation you plan on doing while you're camping.