Gas or Wood Burning Fireplaces in the Home

When building a new house or just looking to add romance or a new heating source to a particular room, many people find a fireplace an attractive option. But which kind of fireplace is best for a particular home? There are many types of fireplaces, but most people tend to narrow their options down to either natural gas or wood burning, each with their own pros and cons.

A wood-burning fireplace can be the perfect way to warm up a cold winter night with your significant other. The way the wood snap, crackles, and pops makes this way of heating a room a popular choice. One should remember, however, how much work a wood-burning fireplace can be. Cutting down trees, of course, is mostly a thing of the past without the house being situated in a rural setting, but storing wood safely from the elements for later burning is always a concern. The only financially efficient way to purchase wood is in large amounts, because running to the grocer everyday for a new little bundle really can add up over a long winter. This demands a nice, large area for storing; a cord of wood in your living room would probably be rather intrusive and less than romantic. If you are looking for an efficient way of heating your room, a wood-burning fireplace is definitely not it, since most of the heat goes up the chimney, leaving you with residual particulate to breathe in as well; a particular no-no for allergy sufferers. A way to improve upon this inefficiency is with the purchase of an insert or woodstove. These are relatively expensive and require cleaning from time to time. If you enjoy tending a fire, a wood-burning fireplace is for you, because they demand constant attention, adjusting and rearranging the wood for optimum flame and warmth.

Most consumers today, at least in America, have come to enjoy instant gratification. Microwave ovens, ordering movies from home, cellular technology which makes everyone essentially reachable almost everywhere; all of these things make life in America and other capitalist countries some of the most comfortable and enjoyable places to live. Why compromise for anything different when heating your home? A gas fireplace lights instantly at the push of a button. If more heat is desired, one only need turn up thermostat, no tending, adjusting, maintenance necessary. For ample heat and no mess, a natural gas powered fireplace is the overwhelming choice of contractors and homebuyers in America. Natural gas distribution companies like Triple Diamond Energy Corp work hard to provide the clean burning natural gas for millions of fireplaces across the country so that homeowners will not have to, experiencing the warmth and beauty every time they push the button.