Gas, Pellet, Wood and Electric Stoves

There are a number of home heating stoves available, and there are a number of ways to run them too. Let’s consider each one separately.

Gas stoves are run by propane gas, meaning that the combustion system is gas, or they can be run by natural gas. It’s a very clean burning gas and the newer stoves do not even show a pilot light nor any burner tubes. With many of them you truly cannot tell the difference between a wood burning combustion system and a gas one. The logs inside look completely real, and the burning embers under the logs are also totally lifelike. But mainly it’s the yellow flames that lick the logs that make it appear so realistic. Many of the newer gas stoves are built of cast iron and the styles can be either ultra modern, or old style gas stoves.

Many also come with fancy accouterments, such as an aromatherapy unit, or even a convection fan! Or you may wish a certain finish to the gas stove. There are steel stoves, and stoves with porcelain enamel insets, and even soapstone, which is known to be one the best materials known to science at this time to retain heat the most as well as the longest. Many of these stoves also come with a remote control!

Pellet home heating stoves are actually wood burning, but the wood comes in pellets that are formed from sawdust, other trash wood or wooden waste products. They are put through a machine that renders the small pellets, and then the product is bagged for ease in handling. This kind of home heating stove will have a hopper for you to fill with pellets. The more modern pellet home heating stoves will have a microcomputer inserted into them that will regulate things like the optimum feed rate of the pellets. It will of course, sense the room’s temperature, and regulate the fire so that you have less heat loss. They are considered extremely safe as they have automatic shut offs should the computer find that there is a blockage of some sort for instance, or if there is an overheating of the unit.

Home heating stoves whose combustion system is one that actually utilizes wood are also available with many new inventions that allow for ease in adding wood, an automatic damper closure function for smokeless insertion of the wood, and even can come outfitted with rotisserie and grilling options! These can come in a multitude of colors too so that they blend well with any of your furnishing décor. Some even come with warming shelves so that you can warm your dinner as you enjoy the wood burning.

Electric stoves are just that-they warm your room with electric heat, to take over some of the work and expense of central heat. For instance, they are perfect for use in uninsulated rooms. People often buy these electric stoves in order to have the special ambiance that the traditional wood stove gives, but do not have to have special installations as gas, pellet or wood stoves require. All that’s really necessary is a standard 120V outlet–plug it in and voila! The flame technology on these is also incredibly realistic.