Gas Pump Toppers and Digital Signage

Gas stations heading the push forward for a digital signage revolution, ensuring that each on site convenience store can survive the recession. We all hear that people are hungry for information, sports news and the like; this is one of the main reasons why gas station TV channels are so popular, as they blend in advertisements in to the news slots or weather updates. This way of marketing is called the Captive Audience Marketing, yes because you are captive only for three to five minutes whilst filling your car, so these TV channels can sell to you the in-store merchandise.

When you have been driving past gas stations in America and Australia you will probably have seen these units, they are a small scale version of a digital signage billboard, sat atop the gas pump, (hence the name gas pump toppers). Many TV stations are specialised in offering this sort of advertising medium, and it is also gives the consumer something to do whilst filing their car. You can select the area you want to target as these systems offer local, regional or national coverage, all you need to do is set out who you want to target.

These pump toppers are manufactured from steel and accommodate 2 LCD televisions or displays at a viewable angle back to back, with a media player located between the two displays. The media player can have either a wireless or hardwired connection into the data network of the gas station utilising the existing category 5e data cabling already there or wireless technology. From here the content can be updated at pre set times taking the stress out of updating the content for convenience store operators and owners.