Gel Candles Are Fun to Make

Making gel candles at home is fun. If you are very creative and love to burn beautiful and colorful candles at home or want to just use them as decorative pieces or you enjoy using them as gifts to those near and dear to you, then you can easily create your own beautiful gel candles in few minutes. You might be surprised to learn that you don’t use real wax while making gel candles. They are made from a semi-solid gel.

To make a gel candle, the materials you are required to use include: gel, fragrance oil to make scented ones, zinc wicks, embeds or decorative pieces and liquid color dye. You will get these materials from a local hobby shop or exclusive shops supplying candle making materials.

While choosing essential oils and colors, be sure to look for the ones that are specially made for use in making gel candles, otherwise you will be running into problems immediately. If you are a beginner and trying your hands out at making gel candles for the first time, then purchase a candle making kit which contains all the materials required for making a gel candle. Don’t forget to get a glass container. Glass containers are the best, as they can reveal the color of the gel and the decorations you have used in it. Select a container that is non-flammable. You can also use wine glasses and glass bowls or vases.

For decorations you can use anything that is available at home are have a look at the hobby or craft store nearby.

Now, follow these steps to make gel candle.

Firstly, inventory then keep all the materials ready and assemble the equipment to make these candles.

Melt the gel over a medium heat in a non-glass container. You should not overheat the gel as it will lose clarity. Remove from fire once the gel melts into syrup like consistency. Now take the container and pour in the melted hot glue in the center of the container. Now stick the wick in the center of the container’s bottom by using a wick tab and allow the glue to set.

To make these colorful types of candles, add the desired color dye to the melted gel. If you are using embeds in the candle, keep the colors very light so that the decorative objects are visible. Once you make the color too dark, it is impossible to lighten the gel back up to a transparent shade.

To make scented candles, add the required fragrance to the melted gel. Add half to one tea spoon full of fragrance depending on the amount of the gel you have used. If you want more bubbles to appear in the candle, you have to pour in a very hot gel. Maintain the temperature of the hot gel between 180 and 200°. You will need a thermometer to check this temperature. Check if the wick is straight and allow the candle to cool.

Once the gel cools down, your candle is ready to be lit. Isn’t making gel candles at home easy and more enjoyable. What better way to feel good than putting your creativity to best use this way and also spread happiness by gifting them to loved ones?