Gentlemen Start Your Engines

Gentlemen start your engines, the muscle car wars are on again, the last time this happened was all the way back in the 1960’s, and it created an whole new way of thinking about cars in this country, for quite a while the motor companies had lost their way, but now I do believe that they have seen the light once again.

I commend the motor companies for finally listening to the people that are buying their cars and trucks, the motor heads have spoken, the motor companies have decided that they had to listen, not to all the disbelievers and nay Sayers, they have decided to listen to the real American men, who were with out a doubt upset when they began dropping the muscle cars from their lines.

As motor heads, we love the good old American muscle, and we don’t care what the government has to say about it, or a bunch of political whiners who are blind to what the people want, as long as they have their way, and we don’t care about your woman, who thinks that every car should be designed to haul 6 or more people.

We want a two seats, or four seats at the most, we don’t want an other four door econo car that has a 0-30 of ten seconds, we want to start our engines and feel the power surging thorough veins, when we step on the throttle we want the car to go, and the motor companies have listened to our pleas.

The Chevy fans went nut when the Camaro was taken out of production, and the fact that Chevy has released a concept for the new 2009 Camaro, I do believe that things will start to heat up, let the games begin, the boys are back in town.

When I heard that Dodge had re-released the Challenger, and it was supposed to hit the showroom floors in 2007, I was stoked, then I thought, good lord look what they done to the Charger, they destroyed an icon by giving it four doors, and no option for anything else, I thought what if they do this to the Challenger, but then I seen the concept of it, they had taken the best of the 1970 Challenger and added the best of new technology and modern thinking to build one hell of a cool car.

Then I read about the engine in the car, a 6.1 liter 425 HP hemi, that comes standard with a manual transmission that sports six gears, and the first thought that went through my head was wow a muscle car, a real American muscle car, it made my heart skip a beat and my eyes begin to well up with tears, yes I was about to cry, you might say, a grown man crying hmm what kind of a motor head are you, if you believe in American muscle you would do the same thing when you notice that it’s making a return.

Then I began to read some more and made a huge discovery, Chevrolet was going to re-release the Camaro, but with a twist, I seen the concept of it on motor trend’s web site, and my eye’s once again had begun to well up with tears, because now my favorite motor company had brought back my favorite car of all times, I was way beyond excited, I was more then elided, I was quite simply in an other dimension, I had left this life and moved on to a better place.

Now I begun to do some reading on this incredible work of art, Chevrolet had taken all the best features of the 1969 model and moved them to a new car, but that is not where it stopped, they had taken the Corvette LS2 engine, which mind you is 400 HP, and put it in the new Camaro, this car is an example of that important time the automotive industry, where they reach the perfect interaction of design and art, to create a piece if automotive design history, yes Chevrolet had done it.

The Camaro concept with it low slung sports car look, could still retain it’s muscle car identity, with the body lines of a 1969 Camaro massaged to perfection, this car will be a real seller, with what Chevrolet has done to the roof line of the car, and the rear deck, they took that classic 1969 roof line and moved the a A-Pillar forward and the B-Pillar back ward to give the roof an almost chopped look, this is a real eye catcher, and the short wide rear deck of the car, with it’s the fuel filler on top of the left quarter panel, brings a formula one race car to mind.

I could go on forever, but I will just end with this, the muscle car wars have not gone away forever, they are about to return, if you were around the first time that it happened, then you have an idea what to expect this time around, all I can say is gentlemen start your engines.