Get a Whole Body Workout With a Session on the Vibration Plates

Everybody is talking about the use of vibration plate workouts and they have also become very popular in the celebrity world. This form of exercise is not just a passing trend, and because it is so effective, it is establishing itself as a standard piece of gym apparatus.

Vibration plates are in the low impact group of exercises and there really is minimal effort required to give the whole body a real good workout – there are some doubting critics of course claiming on the validity and quality of the exercise regime, but it is becoming increasingly obvious that people are achieving remarkable results when using vibration plates. The myth is that to ‘prove’ a workout has been successful, you should be in a damp and disheveled state, noisily gasping for breath, with a skin colour not unlike that of a lightly boiled lobster!

Nothing could be further from the truth when using vibration plates and it is perfectly feasible to snatch a session in your lunch break and return to the office revived and refreshed. In a traditional gym workout, we tend to work on a specific part of the body, for example perhaps doing a particular set of exercises tailored for toning the thighs or perhaps the upper arms, but vibration plates permit work on several different groups of muscles at the same time, thereby saving effort and time. Another added advantage to this type of exercise is the increase in bone density as the muscles are contracting at a very high speed therefore giving added protection to the possible onset of a bone thinning condition called osteoporosis which is a common ailment particularly in females.

The actual procedure could not be more simple; vibration plate exercise machinery is static and the working speed is obviously controlled by the user, so the faster the pace, the more beneficial the workout. It is crucial to adopt the pose and stance you need to pinpoint and induce the muscle contractions then the process is repeated over and over at high speed which of course constantly works the different muscle groups simultaneously. It is important to incorporate this type of routine into a general lifestyle plan, taking into account a well balanced and low calorie diet, so don’t depend on this form of exercise alone.

Before embarking on any new exercise regimes or equipment you’ve never used before it is probably wise to check with your doctor particularly if you have anything in your medical history which suggests there might be any health risk in using this type of equipment. Providing you are relatively fit and healthy at the start, you will not only enjoy your gym sessions much more, you will actually look forward to going to your exercise classes as you can achieve so much in so little time and you will be absolutely thrilled with the results.