Get Clever With Radiant Barrier

Our nation was founded by people dedicated to hard work and perseverance. They emerged ahead thanks to a clever mind. Facing the economic issues our country does today, we should draw from our roots and claw ourselves back out. It's possible, if only we try hard enough.

It's a fallacy to think you have to take a stand on a big issue to make a difference. As others have said far more eloquently, all it takes is one individual working with another to move the needle.

This mindset has been adopted by my kids and I'm pleased to say each day they make me proud with ways that they challenge conventional thinking and blaze better trails. My oldest has helped make collecting Box Tops For Education cool among her friends; they have a friendly competition to see who can earn the most for college. My middle child is always looking for ways to re-use what we already own. This summer he decided that the leftover radiant barrier in our garage could be put to better use than cluttering the place up.

He knew that we spent a lot of money each winter in electricity for the heat lamps used in our barn. So he decided to use the radiant barrier to try to reduce the number of lamps while still protecting our small brood of chickens.

With his father's help, he wrapped the chicken coop in radiant barrier, all sides and the ceiling. Fortunately, because he's small, he could accomplish this task on a coop that already existed. He could fit right in the entrance the hens use!

He performed an unscientific test. By wanted to know He , the if one 's lamp plus radiant barrier would result in the SAME internal room temperature color : as two lamps with no radiant barrier. So far, so good. We still have all of our chickens! And we no longer have to walk around the radiant barrier roll. Not to mention our child used his thinking skills and imagination to solve a problem. That's what America is about!