Get Creative With Special Effect Glass Tiles

With the superb range of new effects, twists on traditional tiles and ranges now mixing up the UK tile market, you really are able to get very creative.

There are no boundaries to your creativity, with tiles in 3D-effect, new colors, unusual texture and stunning colors cutting up the traditional approach to tiling. So think big. Be creative. And let your ideas go and create the stunning, special effects you've only ever dreamed of before now.

Glass tiles can really finish a room so now is the time to take your designs to the next level with the tiles currently available on the market. Here are some tip, ideas and suggestions to get your juices juices and ideas working to the max.

There are new twists on traditional colors and fabulous new palettes of colors now available. However particular you want to be, or even how exactly you want the match between glass tiles and other design Touches in your new room, there will be colors there for you.

Add a real zangy twist of color to your kitchen with outstanding orange mosaic tiles. Zesty shades include aurora orange which will brighten any space and add a touch of wow. There are more oranges available: the bright Bazille orange, Renoir orange and Rodin orange will add a touch of the Impressionists hand to your walls, as if washed with a brush from one of the great artists.

There are also many collections of ripple glass mosaic tiles, as well as tiles which come in Aztec patterns and colors, or glass and stone mosaic tiles in orange, too. You might even consider the latest in new 3D-effect glass mosaics to give a futuristic and stylish finish to your room.

If a stylish and creative finish is the look you want, then do be tempted to add another finish and possibly try metallic glass tiles in mink brown, mocha brown, red copper orange, soft gold, suede brown and taupe brown.

Or why not mix up the mosaics by adding mosaic glass brick tiles in brown and metallic Brown for a glistening, glossy seasonal look. Or take a walk on the wild side with the tiger orange and gazelle brown glass brick mosaic tiles from the Safari collection.

Go on cook up a creative storm of color in your room. There's never been a better time to get really creative, as autumn really is a season that demands a richness and warmth to counteract the crispness of the ever-colder weather and the crunchiness of the falling leaves. So take inspiration from this season, and go create.