Get Killer Six Pack Abs With These Muscle Building Workouts

If you are looking for a killer six pack abs workout without crunches then are you in luck.

Let's face it, no one likes doing crunches and no matter how many you do never seem to improve the mid-section one iota. People seem to be under the misunderstanding that crunches will some how give them ripped abdominal muscles and burn through fat as if it were butter. This of course is not the case and if you are looking for a workout which does not include them, then you are already aware of this fact.

To get killer six pack abs, you need a combination of weight training, high intensity intervals as well as the proper nutrition and only a little bit of abdominal exercises. It is possible to get those sexy abs without even doing a single abdominal routine.

As far as your weight training goes, try some of the following and do not forget to switch them around from time to time. The barbell squats are an obvious choice as well as dead lifts, chin ups, dips, lunges and even barbell presses.

What you do not realize is that your sexy six pack is already there waiting for the world to see them. They are just hiding under layers of fat and through the proper nutrition and plenty of high intensity workouts, you can burn through that layer of fat to reveal the muscles hidden underneath. Of course they may not be all that sexy if they are never used so you might have to work them out a bit just to get them to tighten up; but that still does not mean doing crunches.

If you work on increasing the muscle mass of your lower body through performing squats, those larger muscle groups will be able to burn through that layer of fat much faster then the abdominal muscles would ever be capable of.