Get Lean Fast

Before we get started, I know you want to get lean fast and I know you do, but is your motivation for doing so? High school reunion? Family reunion? To get into that slinky little outfit sitting in the back of your wardrobe?

Whatever reason, before we start with the actual physical weight loss we have to start with your thinking. As they say where the mind goes the body will follow. Buy yourself a little notebook and write the date in it, your measurements, your current weight and your reason for wanting to lose the weight.

Give yourself a compelling enough reason and you will drop pounds, this is the reason that will keep you focussed on your weight loss and will keep you motivated and on track. Once you've done that you need to get onto a proven eating plan as soon as possible.

When I started out I followed an eating plan that I created for myself. It was for 2 weeks, I wanted to see if it worked before I would commit to it for any length of period. Within my first week I had lost 4 pounds and within 2 weeks that weight loss grew to 7 pounds, my clothes became baggier and loser and I realized I had lost a dress size just from eating more food and more often.

Just adding walking to my schedule magnified my weight loss efforts, never at any time did I feel deprived or as though I was dieting.

Here's a sample of what I would eat in a typical day.

Meal 1 – Fruity French Toast

Meal 2 – Bran cereal

Meal 3 – Steak With Sweet Potatoes

Meal 4 – Pumpkin Seed & Almonds

Meal 5 – Chicken With Baked Squash

My eating plan was absolutely key to my weight loss success, the fact I ate more through my day made me feel as though I was never on a diet which was why it succeeded for me in the long run and can for you too, you just have to be given the tools to eating right.