Get Powerful Text Effect With Photoshop

A stylish, enhancing and powerful text can do wonders to your simple text. The text effect can change the look of an ordinary boring written text and makes it more impactful and interesting. In this Photoshop Tutorial, we will learn to create powerful text effect using brushes and layer styles.

Before going further, make sure that you have the resources like Background Gradient and Color Palette, Sparkles Brush and last but not the least Clouds.

So here we go!

First Step:

– Use the Gradient as listed above to create a Radial Gradient for the Background. Then, start creating your text using the color #fcf133. You can use the font like Aller Light, and set the size to 325px.

– After the above step, set the Foreground color to #e89819 and the Background color to #fddd03, and create a new layer on top of the text layer.

– Right click on the text layer and select Create Work Path, then click on the “Layer 1″ once more to make it lively.

Second Step:

Select a soft brush, then open the Brush panel (Window > Brush) to modify the following settings:

– Change the Size to 30px, and the Spacing to 25% in Brush Tip Shape.

– Within Shape Dynamics, change the Size Jitter to 100%.

– In Color Dynamics, fix the Foreground/Background Jitter to 100%.

Lastly, check the Wet Edges box as this will give the brush a more liquid effect.

– After your brush is ready, pick the Direct Selection Tool and right click on the work path to choose Stroke Path.

Select Brush from the Tool drop-down menu, and make sure the Simulate Pressure box is un-checked.

Third Step:

Double click on “Layer 1″ in order to apply the following styles:

– For Outer Glow: Set the Blend Mode to Overlay, the color to #e1e1e0, and the Range to 100%.

– For Inner Glow: Set the Blend Mode to Overlay and the color to #d1a6b4.

– For Bevel and Emboss: Fix the Size to 16, the Gloss Contour to Ring – Double, the Highlight Mode to Vivid Light and the color to #ffbd49, and the Shadow Mode color to #e4cc2d.

– For Contour: Just Select Gaussian – Invert.

Now your text will have a nice glow.

Fourth Step:

Duplicate “Layer 1″, and simultaneously change the copy’s Blend Mode to Color. The text should look brighter!

– By Right clicking on the text layer, choose Rasterize Type.

– Select Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur, and fix the Radius value to 2.5 in order to soften the text’s harsh edges and make it blend with the brush stroke.

Fifth Step:

– Make a new layer on top of the Background layer and call it “sparkles”. Fix the Foreground color to #fddd03, and use the Sparkles Brushto draw some sparkles around the text, but do not overdo it.

– Select Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur, and fix the Radius to 0.5 to soften the sparkles.

– Lastly, choose the image of Clouds, and place it on top of the Background layer and under the “sparkles” layer. Resize it to fit the document if you want, then change its Blend Mode to Soft Light, and its Fill value to 75%.

Now the blue colors will blend nicely with the red ones, creating a nice Background for the final effect.

Wow, your text is creating a powerful Impact!